Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color Collection

Visconti has created many wonderful models of pens over the years, but one model stands out as a flagship pen, in my opinion. The Visconti Homo Sapiens model came into the marketplace and immediately made a name for itself. It was a unique design, material that no one else was or is using, a range a filling systems, unique cap system, and the ability to change the cap finial to personalize your pen. Let’s be honest, how cool is it to have a pen made out of lava rock? It is a great conversation starter to say the least. Henry Ford used to say, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.” Visconti previously only had black as the base color for the Homo Sapiens made from lava rock, they do have a rainbow of colors in other materials though. Visconti recently introduced the Lava Colors line of Homo Sapiens. Still made from lava rock, but now mixed with various colored resins so you can choose the color of your pen. The good people at Coles Of London, the distributor for Visconti and S.T. Dupont in the U.S. graciously sent me one of each writing mode to review. Thanks go out to them, and if you would like to get your own Homo Sapiens lava colors pen, check out their website at Check out what my friends think of this collection as well:

Pen Gangsta:

Adam from Bertram’s Inkwell:

Evan/ Penquisition: (coming soon)

Packaging: I received these models in a Visconti leather pen case since they were for review. However, I was provided packaging pictures.

First Thoughts: The new colors are fantastic! I have been a Homo Sapiens fan for years and these colors are just as captivating.

Design: The new lava colors line is available in three different colors: Blizzard(white), Sandstorm(yellow), and Inferno(red). The lineup includes a fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint to fit everyone’s’ writing needs. The fountain pen is like the existing Homo Sapiens line with a few adjustments. The original Homo Sapiens line had a hook safe cap system, but the new line had a magnetic cap closure. The new models are equipped with Visconti’s new in-house made 14k nibs. The trim is all black and contrasts the body colors beautifully. The cap finial is the traditional Visconti “V” logo and “My Pen” system so it is also customizable. The clip is the well know Visconti arch clip in black with “Visconti” on both sides. Two black cap bands run under the clip as well. The bottom finial/filler knob is rounded and has a black band and the base where it meets the body which matches the cap bands. The barrel gradually widens until it reaches a black cigar band style barrel band with “Homo Sapiens” and “V” printed in a bronze color. Since the cap is magnetic, there are no threads but there is a slight step down to the grip section which has an hour-glass shape and a flared finger stop.

Nib Performance: These new models include the in-house made 14k nibs which are plated with black ruthenium. The nib has an art deco style engraving, a crescent moon shaped breather hole, “14k,” “M” for medium, and “Visconti” engraved as well. The new nib wrote beautifully and was slightly bouncy. The medium I received, laid down a nice medium line and wrote slightly dry with Pilot blue/black.

Filling System: Power Filler

Value: $795 for the Fountain pen, $595 for the Rollerball (magnetic cap), and $450 for the Ballpoint (twist mechanism).

Overall: I am a huge fan of the Homo Sapiens line. I got my first one last year as a birthday gift from an amazing friend and it has been a dream to use. The new line is just as impressive and just as much fun to use. The colors add a wonderful choice if black pens aren’t your choice, or if you just want to add a little color to you existing Homo Sapiens lava collection. I feel that the pens are well worth the price and are truly works of art. The materials and finish are perfectly executed, and the new nibs are perfection. This is one pen that makes me stop now and then and say how cool is it that my pen is made from lava rock. If it is within your pen budget, you will not regret getting one of these.


Name: Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color

Design: Basaltic lava rock

Length: 146mm (5.7in)

Posted: 173.4mm (6.8in)

Diameter: 14.3mm (0.6in)

Weight: 56g (1.98oz)

Nib: 14k gold

Filling System: Power Filler

Pros: Amazing material, wonderful nib, easy filling system

Cons: Expensive (but worth it)

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