Constellations88 C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier

Constellations88, in addition to making pens, also makes a wide range of accessories both pen and non-pen related. When they sent me the Crux to review, they also kindly sent me one of their C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carriers to review, as well. These cases are available in three different finishes: Executive Black, Pearl White, and Cherry Red. While they appear to be made from leather, the cases are actually made from a material called “Foam Leather,” which ensures no animals are harmed in the making of their product. If you are interested in getting one of these cases for yourself, you can find them on Constellations88’s website


Packaging: The pen case arrives in a black cardboard box with the Constellations88 logo embossed on the lid. The pen case is inside in a small plastic bag.

First Thoughts: The “leather” material is slightly glossy and has a nice feel to it.

Design: I received the Executive Black model, which has a slightly glossy finish, similar to a well-made leather jacket. The case is made from Foam Leather with the Constellations88 star logo on the flap closure. The flap is held shut securely with a magnetic closure, which can be adjusted for longer pens. The interior slots are lined with white sides, and one slot is larger to accommodate a larger pen. The slots are wide enough to allow the clips to be tucked away inside, to prevent the pens from bumping against or scratching each other. The edges of the case appear to be glued as well as stitched, so there is no concern of the case coming apart at the seams. The only issue I noticed was the finish inside the flap closure appeared to be cracking and peeling away revealing the material underneath. However, this was more of a superficial defect and didn’t affect the performance or protection of the case.

Value: The C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier retails for $15 USD with $8 shipping to the U.S.

Overall: I think this is a great option for a pen user that is looking for a pen case with a leather appearance that is animal friendly. Aside from the finish cracking issue, I think $24 (price+shipping) for a great looking pen case with plenty of room is a fair price, and it would be a great purchase for your everyday carry needs.

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