Michael’s Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint Pen

Michael’s Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint Pen

Michael’s Pen began in the early 1990’s when the founder, Michael, began designing ergonomic pens to improve his grip due to calluses on his fingers. After his first design, “The Worm Pen,” became a worldwide hit, he began expanding his product line and creating a wide range of writing implement designs. This review is of the Michael’s Fat Boy S-Model ballpoint (slim) in the New York Black Edition. The S-Model pen collection is available in copper, copper with a flame patina (shades of red, blue, and green), and black-coated aluminum. The same materials and colors are also available as a mechanical pencil. All products are made right here in the U.S.A. This pen was loaned to me by my friends at Bertram’s Inkwell for review.

8/10 Packaging: Although the pen is a slim model, it comes in a huge box. The white outside box has no branding; however, there is a small sticker that says, “Michael’s S-Model,” with the model, color, and writing mode, as well as the company information and website. Inside the white box is a glossy black and white box with the Michael’s logo on the lid. There is also a foam insert, which holds the pen securely in place and has a maintenance card and a booklet with the company’s history, assembly and refill instructions, and contact information.

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint


8/10 First thoughts: The black finish contrasts beautifully against the silver of the clip, nosecone, and relief cuts into the body of the pen. It looks modern, but has hints of art deco style.

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint


9/10 Design: The pen is surprisingly light at 28 grams. The body of the pen is black with relief cuts running the length of the body, giving the pen a pop of contrast between the black body and raw aluminum underneath. There are three rubber rings on the grip section to help prevent the pen from being slick. The pen tip is extended and retracted via a push button on the back of the pen. It is without a doubt the smoothest mechanism I have ever used on a retractable pen, and it is almost silent. The clip is tight, but usable, and may require two hands depending on the thickness of the material.  The body has branding on the barrel, which reads “Michael’s S-Model USA” and “New York Edition.” Further, “Made in USA” is imprinted on the clip, and “USA” is imprinted on the nosecone.

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint


9/10 Filling System: The pen is uses a standard Parker style refill and can use the gel, rollerball, or ballpoint refills.

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint

9/10 Value:  The pen has a retail price of $95. This is a great price for a beautifully crafted pen machined from aluminum. The solid copper and flame patina copper have retail prices of $250 and $295 respectively.

43/50 Overall:  I really like the finish and weight of this pen. The ability to use any Parker style refill makes the pen very versatile and convenient to find refills on the go, instead of having to order proprietary cartridges. The modern meets art deco style makes the pen stand out for daily use and is an attention-grabber in meetings. I am not normally a non-fountain pen user but this pen has changed my mind. I look forward to adding one of these pens to my collection in the future.

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model BallpointMichael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint

Michael's Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint


Name: Michael’s Fat Boy S-Model New York Black Edition

Design: Black-coated aluminum body with silver accents

Length: 5 inches (127 mm)

Diameter: .43 inches (11 mm body), .55 inches (14 mm clip)

Weight: 28 grams

Filling System: Parker-style refill


Pros: Durable aluminum body, grip rings prevent the pen from slipping, easy to find refills

Cons: Tight clip

In the same price range:

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“Make your mark”

Eric Aycock (Pengeek13)

Check out the Michael’s Fat Boy S-Model Ballpoint here.


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