Bexley Demeter Fountain Pen Review

The Bexley Pen Company was founded in 1993 in Columbus, Ohio. They are known for making modern pens inspired by the “Golden Age of fountain pens.” This review is of the Bexley Demeter fountain pen in black with red accent rings, gold colored cap band, and a medium steel nib. 8/10 Packaging:  The pen comes inside … Continue reading Bexley Demeter Fountain Pen Review


Taccia Spectrum Fountain Pen Review

The Taccia Company makes a wide variety of writing products and accessories, from traditional fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pen pouches and wraps, to exquisite limited edition Maki-E and Raden pens. Today’s review is of the Taccia Spectrum fountain pen in Merlot Red with a Music nib. 9/10 Packaging: The pen comes inside of a Taccia embossed … Continue reading Taccia Spectrum Fountain Pen Review