Filofax Classic Executive Notebook Review.

Everyone needs a great notebook, but in many cases concessions are made on paper quality, usability, or durability. I have spent year after year consistently disappointed in the offerings found at big box stationary stores and normally make due with pocket notebooks that once filled have served their purpose and then I must buy another. … Continue reading Filofax Classic Executive Notebook Review.


Montegrappa “Monte Grappa” Coral Fountain Pen Review

The Montegrappa Pen Company is best known for producing some of the most unique designs and luxury writing instruments. New for 2018, Montegrappa is celebrating the renewed appeal in fountain pens and the analogue world by introducing a vintage style pen. The Montegrappa Monte-Grappa is a no frills, resin, piston filler aimed at a lower … Continue reading Montegrappa “Monte Grappa” Coral Fountain Pen Review

Robert Oster: Frankly Blue vs Soda Pop Blue. Which blue reigns supreme?

Robert Oster has been making a name for himself in the world of fountain pen inks over the past few years. His inks are well known for their vibrant colors and fantastic sheening almost giving the inks a color changing effect. The only experience I have with Robert Oster inks prior to this review is … Continue reading Robert Oster: Frankly Blue vs Soda Pop Blue. Which blue reigns supreme?

Clairefontaine Coloring book and pencils

Since 1858, Papeteries de Clairefontaine has been producing quality paper and paper products in France, and they have become well known for their fountain pen friendly paper in the pen community. Recently, they introduced a line of coloring books and colored pencils, with the following coloring book themes: Mandalas, Designs, Tattoos, Nature, or Birds. Frank … Continue reading Clairefontaine Coloring book and pencils